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Deichmann shares your love of shoes. When it comes to trends, quality, style, selection and low price, you’re always one step ahead with us. That goes for our house brands as well as for outside brands and licensed goods.

Deichmann is guaranteed to be in style, because the Deichmann fashion scouts are always on the trail of tomorrow’s latest the world over. They watch the fashion scene, attend trade shows to look at the future, keep an eye out in the fashion capitals for the latest trends, and discover what’s hip.

Fast reaction to new fashion allows continuous collection updates. Merchandise management and logistics make sure that the local shops get the current Deichmann shoe styles quickly.

Deichmann spoils you with quality. Full leather accoutrements are paired with classic design and premium styling. That’s how we offer our customers everything discerning tastes demand. 

Deichmann runs with established branded. For generations, families have had Elefanten brand children’s shoes. Since March 2006, these premium quality shoes have been at Deichmann. In 2005 and 2008, Deichmann also took over the Gallus and AM men’s shoe brands and expanded its line of comfort and budget shoes for fashionable, trend-oriented men.

Victory is the sport brand for semipro and amateur athletes which boasts Deichmann’s outstanding price/value relationship. The range is completed with sport brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and Fila. Every sport enthusiast comes here at his own expense.

Above all, the “little” customers enjoy characters like Handy Manny and Hello Kitty. Deichmann orients itself to the market constantly to acquire licensed products and to make sure that even small customers have variety on their shoe shelf.