Ladies’ Scarves

There’s so much more to our ladies’ scarves than keeping warm. Here at Deichmann, our range is fantastic at doing that, as well as keeping a summer’s night chill at bay, but it’s also about the design. Able to dramatically change the look of an outfit or even produce a coordinated look, scarves are gorgeous accessories for ladies. We also have some ponchos here at Deichmann — fabulous for wearing indoors as an extra layer, or great for wearing outdoors when it’s not cold enough to wear a winter coat, but not warm enough to just wear a top on its own.

Wrapping Up

If it’s colour you are looking for, we’ve got it; from pastels, neutrals, blacks and blues to brighter oranges, yellows and pinks. Our ladies’ scarves and ponchos come in a plethora of patterns too. Do you fancy something with a traditional touch? Then we’d recommend that you look at our jacquard scarves with tassels, our check print and our flower patterned scarves. The next Sporty Spice? Try our scarves from international sports brand Fila. How about something so soft that you won’t be able to stop touching it? We have those too. Want to jump start your outfit and your mood with something funky? Try our animal print ladies’ scarves, or for the traveller in you, our South American inspired Aztec print scarves.

Did you know?

Our range of ladies’ Trilby and Fedora hats look great with ponchos to create a sophisticated spring or autumn look. Complete the look with a pair of ankle boots or high leg boots.