Ladies’ Sunglasses

With all of our accessory products here at Deichmann, such as our ladies’ sunglasses, looking good and feeling good is key. Yes, they serve some extra purpose, to keep you warm, to keep you dry or keep your belongings safe, but we know how important it is to experiment with looks and styles — a great outfit isn’t just about clothes, you can work your accessories too. Our ladies’ sunglasses are no exception to the rule. Designed to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, we have sunglasses in a variety of shapes, such as round, oval and square. No matter what the shape, our fashion scouts focus on selecting sunglasses for ladies’ with a designer feel, but minus the hefty price tag to match.

Specs with Style

Much like our hats, gloves and scarves, we have selected our range of ladies’ sunglasses for you with diversity in mind. If you look closely, some of our designs will have a subtle engrave to the bridge. In terms of rim, you will find a mix of plain colours against a different coloured or tortoiseshell temple, or a pattern around the rim with a plain coloured temple. Sometimes our designs will be all pattern, or sometimes they may be block colour contrasts. To add an extra bit of glitz, we have designs that have an elegant gem detail by the hinge of the sunglasses, or go completely Jackie Onassis, with our oversized ladies’ sunglasses — perfect for either summer festivals or lazy summer lunches on the terrace or by the beach.