Ladies’ Umbrellas

Every British person’s right hand mate, the umbrella, keeps you dry when the heavens unexpectedly open, so it is only right that we have our own range of ladies’ umbrellas here at Deichmann. We know the score, carrying an umbrella can be a pain and there is always the risk of leaving it behind somewhere, to build up somebody else’s ‘emergency umbrella’ store. Not only are our ladies’ umbrellas affordable, meaning that you won’t end up burning a hole in your bank balance if you lose them; they are also compact enough to fit in your bag. How about buying two ladies’ umbrellas just in case you lose one? Buying two of our more affordable designs would cost a mere £10!

Keeping Dry with Deichmann

Let’s take a look at our range. For you fashionistas that like to match your umbrella to your coat, rain mac or even your complete outfit, we get that. It’s why we have made sure that we have a variety of colours in our range, from darker colours such as navy blue and black to brighter colours, such as red and pink. We also have polka dot, for something a little more fun.

All of our umbrellas are compact, starting with our supermini — with colour matching handles and wrist strap. Our next step up is the mini size umbrella, also coming with a wrist strap, going right up to our standard size. So, whether it’s to fit in your jacket pocket when popping to the corner shop, or in your hand bag to work, we’ve all sorts of umbrellas for style conscious ladies.