<h1>Ladies Safety Shoes</h1>
Look stylish and stay safe with our range of ladies’ safety shoes here at Deichmann. What do we mean by safety shoes? Keeping safe from what? Safety shoes are shoes that are specially designed to protect your feet from external hazards such as falling objects, compression, punctures, cutting or burns. They are also most commonly used in construction or industrial environments where these risks can be particularly rife.  If you work in an environment that does not enforce wearing black, toe-capped shoes, then we can help.  Brighten up your work shift and impress your co-workers with our carefully selected ladies’ safety shoes from Landrover. Landrover’s shoes are ideal for outdoor casual wear too, providing something more robust than the average pair of trainers. Wear a pair of these shoes when hiking, backpacking or for any other outdoor activity where harsh environments risk causing injuries to your feet, no matter how minor.

<h2>The Landrover Range</h2>
Made from leather and other hardwearing materials, Landrover safety shoes for ladies, have integrated steel toecaps for protection to the toes, but do not have the bulky look and feel of other steel-capped shoes. The shoes also have a supportive lining and a cushioned ankle collar that can support feet that are used to standing up all day long. A strong grip to the soles can also help you to avoid any slips or trips. From blue to black, Landrover’s ladies’ safety shoes have a contemporary feel, adding a splash of colour to inject some personality