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49 Items

Ladies Slippers

After a long day, all you need is a hot cup of your favourite drink and to put your feet up into a pair of toasty, comfy slippers. Whatever your taste, we have a selection of ladies’ slippers that are sure to offer plenty of options when it comes to keeping your feet warm, particularly in those autumn/winter months - especially on those hard floored and tiled surfaces where your feet simply cannot bear the low temperatures!

Slippers in a Selection of Styles

We have a massive collection of slippers here at Deichmann. Styles include fur lined, full, bootie or the classic slip on. All of the slippers found in this category are available in sizes 36 and up. If you are looking for something to keep your whole foot warm, the bootie style slipper is perfect. Perhaps you are looking for something you just want to slip into? The slip-on slippers are ideal for this. The beauty of a pair of slippers is that they serve one primary purpose; to keep your feet comfortable, warm, and provide support.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Slippers?

Thankfully, your feet won’t have to bear the cold much longer thanks to our express delivery service, which takes between 1-2 days. If your feet are patient, our standard delivery option takes between 3-5 days. Our cosy collection of ladies’ slippers can also be the perfect gift. Perhaps you are looking for an extra pair for your collection? Whatever your reason, Deichmann has the ladies’ slippers for you.