Men’s Umbrellas

An essential accessory for the British male, the umbrella, makes up part of our accessories collection here at Deichmann, alongside hats, gloves, belts, wallets, bags and sunglasses. Our range of men’s umbrellas are a great purchase for combatting the unpredictability of the British weather — nobody likes to be caught unawares, especially when a downpour is involved. Our fashion scouts are always working hard to expand and change our accessory range for practicality and style, so you will find that many of our men’s umbrellas are compact in size. There are many reasons for this. Smaller umbrellas dry more quickly, but more importantly, you can fit them into the smallest of spaces. By the smallest of spaces, we mean coat pockets, sports bags, brief cases or overnight bags, and without taking up too much space either. Our men’s umbrellas are affordable too, so if you lose them it is not such a big deal. If you are a man who combines a busy working life travelling from place to place while keeping in shape at the gym and spending time with your friends and family, why not buy multiple umbrellas for each of these places — that’s organisation.

You’ll find that most, if not all, of our men’s umbrellas are black. Why? Apart from being a colour that goes well with all attires (think business suit), they do not show up dirt and they absorb light rather than reflecting it. Our umbrellas are all compact with varying sizes, from supermini to mini and standard.