Men’s Brogues

Brogues are back in vogue! We love our range of men’s brogues here at Deichmann, so much so that we are constantly adding to our collection. The traditional brogue shoe, usually made of leather and featuring a perforated and serrated pattern, was originally worn as an outdoor walking shoe for country gentleman, but then became very fashionable amongst celebrities such as Fred Astaire and Cary Grant. Evolving greatly since its origins, men’s brogues are all variations of the wingtip design, characterised by the W-shaped brogue pattern; the semi-brogue with its toecap brogue pattern, and the quarter brogue with its toecap brogue pattern and rounded toe. You will see these incorporated into many of our men’s brogues here at Deichmann.

Our Brands

From our leading men’s brands, including AM Shoe, Claudio Conti, and Borelli, our men’s brogues can effortlessly transcend between the smart and casual, looking equally great with a pair of jeans, jumper and polo neck shirt, as well as a tailored suit.

We have incorporated the brogue pattern into some ankle boot styles, both lace-up and Chelsea slip-on, as well as showcasing some suede style material brogues and contrasting leather/suede style designs. We also have a variety of soles, from brogues that have a matching main body and sole colour, to contrasts of dark and light that add a dramatic effect and softer crisp white soles that add extra bounce and a crisp finish to the brogue shoe. With so much choice in our selection of brogues for men, which style will you choose?