From their Norwegian origins, where they were commonly known as ‘Weejun loafers’, to their fashionable update by top fashion brands to incorporate steel bars and tassels. Our range of men’s loafers at Deichmann are not a loafing matter.

From top brands, such as AM Shoe, Memphis One, and Claudio Conti, men’s loafers have seen a surge in popularity in the past few years, and are ideal for smart or casual looks.

Never one to miss a trick, our fashion scouts are always on the case, striving to select contemporary men’s loafers that you would be proud to slip your feet into, and putting comfort and style at the top of their list of priorities.


Men’s loafers

Want to know why loafers are so popular? No laces, the option to wear socks, or go bare foot without looking silly — and they are great smart casual footwear. Lots of boxes being ticked here.

Choose from one of our moccasin style slipper designs with a square toe and soft sole — fab to wear with a pair of knee length shorts in the summer or a pair of chinos. How about a pair of retro, 1980’s style tassel men’s loafers to add an air of sophistication and grandeur to your outfit?

Let’s not forget our saddle bar men’s loafers, which channel a retro mod style that is very on trend at the moment. In plain black styles, saddle bar designs go well with any work outfit, whether it is a full suit or something more casual. In tan, saddle bar loafers go well with lighter, neutral colours or you can create a contrast against black trousers or denim for a sharp finishing touch.