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Standard socks

Even if you still have such good shoes, they stand and fall with the choice of socks. Comfortable socks, made of natural materials, ensure a more perfect fit of your shoes. Moreover, you can make your black or white shoes a lot more cheerful with a pair of nice socks. View our collection of long socks in beautiful colors and with fun motifs and choose your favorite. Are you looking for short socks for your sneakers or nice and warm home socks? Then you've come to the right place. Cheerful colors and beautiful motifs for that little bit extra Both the Claudio Conti socks for men and the Graceland socks for women are available in many different colors and motifs. From dark blue to light pink, with dots or stripes, or even with birds or feathers as a motif. Do you regularly wear a gray suit, your favorite jeans or other pants in a neutral color? The ladies and men's socks in our webshop provide - as a surprising but subtle detail - that little bit extra.

Washing socks with pleasure

Washing socks is often not a favorite hobby. A lot of socks fit in a washing machine and sorting washed socks is often a crime. Especially when several family members - with different sizes - have the same black socks. With unique colored socks, washing becomes a lot easier and more fun. Each sock easily finds its right partner and owner. View the wide collection of standard socks and choose your favorite.

Cotton socks - a natural material

The socks in our online shop are mainly made of cotton. Cotton is a natural material that absorbs moisture well. This makes you less likely to suffer from sweaty feet. In addition, cotton is a sturdy material and durable, which makes the socks last extra long. Do you want your socks to last longer? Don't buy socks that are too small. Tight socks fit tightly around your feet and therefore wear out much faster. Do you like to walk indoors without shoes? Then put on house socks, slippers or slippers. This way your standard socks will last a lot longer.

Order your standard socks from DEICHMANN

Brighten up your wardrobe with the fun socks from our collection of women's and men's socks. If you order your favorite socks before 9 p.m. on working days, you will receive them tomorrow at no extra cost. If you are not satisfied, you can simply exchange or return the products for free.