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adidas shoes for women, men and children

My adidas shoes and I make an unbeatable team! The members of the New York hip-hop group Run DMC were so enthusiastic about the sneakers with the iconic three stripes that they dedicated a song to them in 1986. Professional athletes, stars and fashion fans alike love the versatile sports shoe models and clothing lines from Herzogenaurach in Central Franconia. In the Deichmann online shop you can buy yourself and your family many different styles. Dress in the latest designs of the cult brand. It doesn't matter whether it's adidas shoes for your favorite sport, adidas sneakers for a casual after-work outfit or a pair of cute adidas children's shoes, there is something for everyone here. Would you like to greet the next summer in top sporty shape? Then don't miss our numerous offers of adidas shoes in the SALE, which ensure the right motivation with fresh colors and special wearing comfort.

adidas soccer shoes: real classics for top athletic performance

With ingenious innovations, a willingness to experiment and fresh designs, adidas has consistently topped the table for sports brands. More than six decades ago, a true sports miracle laid the foundation for the adidas legend. Shortly before the soccer final between Germany and Hungary on July 4, 1954, it began to rain heavily and the field was completely sodden. The kit manager and trained shoemaker Adolf Adi Dassler equipped the team with new types of shoes that, thanks to interchangeable and adjustable screw studs, ensured a good grip on the pitch even under these adverse conditions and the team to victory over a technically actually ; helped superior opponents. A first proof of the later adidas slogan Impossible is nothing In the course of time, the manufacturer from Franconia has repeatedly turned to other sports. One of the most famous models among adidas sports shoes to this day pays homage to a tennis legend. The gleaming white & ldquo; Stan Smith & ldquo; Court sneakers are currently experiencing a brilliant comeback as chic casual shoes. Nevertheless, adidas continues to be true to football. In addition to top international clubs, adidas also equips the German national team. Of course, adidas soccer shoes also offer passionate amateur and hobby footballers real added value. Whether classically made of leather or made of breathable and super-light synthetic materials - The first-class workmanship of the adidas football shoes adapt perfectly to your feet and promise ultimate comfort as well as optimal feel. Cams, studs or flat outsole? adidas soccer shoes can be used on any surface and offer good grip even on soft and wet floors. The heel lining and a stable, flat lacing enable controlled ball acceptance through a secure hold of the shoe on the foot. This way, the round gets into the square with precision.

Stylish and sporty: adidas sneakers for every outfit

You are not only active on the field and in the hall? True to the current slogan; adidas is all in; The brand combines sports and trends under one roof. The core is formed by the world-famous stripe logo and the unmistakable product quality. In addition, the designers are inspired by a wide variety of currents from music, pop culture and fashion. The classic sneaker has become an indispensable part of the wardrobes of models, actors and singers. No wonder, after all, its fresh winter white belongs to one of the hottest colors for years. The side stripes also offer enough space for colored effects and eye-catchers: Noble metallic nuances, bright tones, delicate pastel colors or - very classic & ndash; shining grass green. The adidas sneakers set just as expressive accents with jeans as they do with elegant chinos or skirts. Just as effortlessly, adidas sports shoes for women and men tie in with another trend: The retro chic makes colorful velor, padded soles, padded inner lining and the high shaft is suitable for street use again. For sneaker fans, the retro sneakers are a must anyway. And if you don't know it yet, you shouldn't miss out on this wonderfully comfortable running experience any longer. Speaking of running experience: Even the very little ones can go on a voyage of discovery in adidas baby shoes. Learning to walk becomes child's play! The special highlight: Many adidas sports shoes for women and men are also available in mini format for a cute parent-child partner look. For the slightly larger ones, the manufacturer has designed its own collection of adidas children's shoes, with which boys and girls can score points in fashion at school or in kindergarten. Can you combine adidas and NIKE in one outfit? How can the casual training look be styled authentically? The authors of our blog Shoelove will tell you that and more. Just take a look and be inspired.