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Wellies for children

Nowadays you don't just pull a rain boot out of the closet on a rainy day, but also if you just want to look hip for once. Put your child on a pair of high or low colorful wellies under a dress or cool boys' trousers and you have a cool look in a flash. Wellies are not only fun, but also nice to wear during a day out on the beach or while playing in the sandpit or in the garden.

Comfortable for the little ones

For the little ones it is of course also important if a shoe offers some strength. That is why all our wellies have a comfortable footbed, a solid lining and a sturdy heel. In addition, all our short and low wellies are waterproof and dirt-resistant. The children's feet & nbsp; are therefore well protected against all types of weather. Shop the nicest and cheap children's wellies from DEICHMANN in our Online shop.