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Kids’ backpacks

If you like your kids’ bags practical and uncomplicated, our range of Deichmann backpacks are for you. Kids can keep valuables safely stowed away while keeping their hands free as they go about their day. Available in all imaginable colours and styles, find the backpack that suits your child best from top brands they love.

Finding your perfect kids’ backpacks

Backpacks are not only a great option for a number of different purposes, they’re also great for keeping the weight of whatever you’re carrying more evenly distributed. Whether your child needs to carry their books, essentials, lunch or laptop, there are a few things to consider before making the final purchase.

Things to consider when buying kids’ backpacks

Function – Style is important when buying a backpack, but first consider what your child needs their new bag for. Are they taking it to school or to a friend’s house? Make sure it has enough storage space to fit in everything you need to pack, from lunch to colouring books and a pencil case.


Style – Backtracking a bit, the style of their new backpack is still important to your child’s personal tastes. What colour are they looking for? Do they like patterns? Are they after something with plenty of storage space or secure fastenings? It’s easy to find your perfect fit with Deichmann.


Straps – Depending on how much you pack or how heavy their items are, make sure there’s padding on the straps to keep them comfortable all day. It’s easy to experience strain and even bruising from thin, poorly designed straps, so do consider what it’ll be used for.