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Beach and pool shoes for children

When the sun is hot is in the sky, there is no stopping most children: whether it's an outdoor pool, a quarry pond or a paddling pool in the garden & ndash; The main thing is that it is cool and wet. Even the little ones know that water offers perfect refreshment on warm summer days and also offers many opportunities for pure gaming fun: with a beach ball, on the water slide or while jumping off the three-meter board. Yu can be active and boys and girls can really let off steam on their aquatic paddling adventures. Don't forget: it can get very slippery at the edge of the pool and sea urchins, sharp stones or shells can sometimes be found beneath the surface of the sea. You can reduce the risk of injury to your little ones with suitable bathing shoes for children. From completely the foot enclosing water shoes for children to bathing slippers for a walk on the beach & ndash; With us you will discover bathing shoe fashions that not only protect children's feet, but also meet the tastes of boys and girls. Particularly popular with your little ones; they can make a fashionable appearance on the lake and on the beach.

More safety in and around the water: bathing shoes for children

Summer brings us lightness, new energy and many wonderful experiences in the fresh air. Children in particular know how to enjoy the warm season & ndash; Preferably with her whole family or all her friends in the swimming pool or on the beach. The little ones underestimate the fact that there are many dangers lurking here in particular: slipping, twisting or bumping - these typical problems are unfortunately particularly common where it is wet and slippery. If the little ones are out and about without flip-flops or slippers, the risk of injury increases enormously. But not only that: Foot fungus and other foot diseases also affect an unprotected child's foot. even harder. Therefore: water sandals for children not only know how to inspire fashion, they also offer the highest level of protection.

Pool shoes for girls: sporty looks and playful designs

Girls love variety. That is why you will find girls' bathing shoes in many different styles with us: Whilst fully closed water shoes are especially suitable as bathing shoes for girls who like to swim in the sea, slippers and mountain pines are particularly worthwhile. rs swimming pool. There they prevent the little swimmers from slipping on the smooth floor in the cabin or on the edge of the pool. Thanks to the versatile designs with bright colors in pink, turquoise, blue, green, red or black, girls have additional fun in the swimming pool and on the beach. and joy.

Pool shoes for boys: For little water boys

When children are in the water for the first time, they usually don't want to get out of the pleasant water. Our bathing shoes know how to intensify this childish paddling pleasure: whether with cool superhero motifs or in casual colour combinations, whether clogs or aqua shoes for children & ndash; with us everyone will find the right bathing shoes. And that is very important, because only if the little swimming masters like the children's flip-flops will they wear them in the bathing establishment without supervision.

Bathing shoes for toddlers and babies: For your first swimming adventure

Whether with water wings or without - even the smallest bathing beauties are there with their hearts' content when it comes to splashing around. With bathing shoes for toddlers and bathing shoes for babies from Nike or Blue Fin, parents can be sure that their offspring is well protected. This applies to baby swimming with mom and dad as well as to the first swimming course with the seahorse badge in mind. Tip: Let the little ones have a say in the decisions. If you can choose your bathing shoes or aqua shoes yourself, it is very likely that you will prefer to wear them.

Flip-flops for children: you should pay attention to this

Children's poolshoes and water shoes for children are often classified as fashion accessories. In fact, brands like adidas have completely different priorities: They want to provide support in situations in which it can be dangerous without shoes. Therefore, when buying bathing shoes for babies, toddlers and older children, some aspects should be taken into account. First and foremost, it is important to first find the right size. This ensures that the little ones are safe in their new water shoes and do not lose their grip. Equipped with a locking mechanism or a completely enclosing shape, water sandals for children and aqua shoes for the little ones are even safer. Also pay attention to the material: It should not only be waterproof and lightfast, but above all also be tested for harmful substances. Only then are children really safe on the move in their new slippers.