Junior Girls School Shoes

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Junior school shoes for girls

With your little ones always on the go, you’ll want a shoe that can keep up with her from breakfast to the journey home. From Clarks and Skechers to Nike and Kickers, we stock a host of excellent brands that’ll keep up with your child throughout the day.

Choosing the right black junior school shoes for girls

Whatever happens in the school day, growing feet need the right support to really thrive. Whatever shoes have caught their eye, here are a few things to consider before adding to cart:

Measure – You should always measure your child’s feet before buying new shoes. Getting the wrong size, be it too big or too small, can cause more harm to little feet and result in more trips and falls.

Support – The right school shoes should have good support all over the foot, especially in the heel, arch, and across the top of the foot. You want the shoe to stay put when energetic kids are on the move.

Flex – School shoes need to be fairly flexible for your child to get around. Whether walking, running, jumping, crouching down, or springing up, shoes should have enough flex in the soles.

Grip – Because kids are so often on the move, especially at playtime, you want a sole with a good amount of grip on the base to keep them safe, secure and tumble-free at the end of the day.