Teen School Shoes

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Teen school shoes

Your teen might not be running around the playground like they used to, but that doesn’t make buying the right school shoes any less important. Get them uniform-ready and keen to continue their education in style.

Finding the perfect teen school shoes

At this point in their lives, you might get some clearer opinions on our fashion-forward designs than you used to. With unique fashion preferences, considerable school adventures, and an on-the-go lifestyle, you and your teen should work together to find a pair that’s within budget, just their style, and adheres to a strict dress code.


Things to consider when buying teen school shoes

Fit – You should always measure your child’s feet before buying new shoes. Getting the wrong size, be it too big or too small, can cause more harm to little feet and result in more trips and falls.


Support – The right school shoes should have good support all over, especially in the heel, arch, and across the top of the foot. You want the shoe to stay put when energetic kids are on the move.


Brands – At Deichmann we’ve got a fantastic selection of shoe brands to keep your teens at the top of their fashion game. From Nike and Kickers to Clarks and Skechers, they’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to comfort, quality and high-performance.