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Slippers for children: Playful and warm

Children's slippers should be especially fun and playful. There is therefore no lack of colour and fun in our children's slippers collection. But, in addition to comfort and warmth, you sometimes also want to offer a child's foot some firmness. That is why there is plenty of choice in boys 'slippers and girls' slippers with the strength of a normal shoe and the comfort of a nice warm slippers.

Out of school? Get your shoes off!

Kids like to stroll in and around the house all day long. Coming home after a rainy day, it is wonderful to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate in your pyjamas and warm slippers. We are happy to help when it comes to warming cold children's feet. In our collection there is plenty of choice for both boys and girls and the kids can make it as colourful as they want. From crazy animal slippers to warm shoe slippers with a sturdy sole and touch fastenings.