Kids Football Boots

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Kids' Football Boots

Whether your kids just enjoy a bit of a kickabout with friends or are passionate future pros in the making, choosing the right football boots is essential for keeping your kids safe, secure and game-ready. With a variety of styles and colours to choose from, there are a few extra things to consider when picking up your kids’ dream pair.

Studs – Possibly the most important part of football boots are the studs. These are what’ll give your child more grip on the pitch and keep them from slipping at full speed.

Material – There’s no point in a football boot that rubs little feet raw, so think about the ideal material to keep your kids going strong. Long-wearing leather is a great choice for games, regardless of rain, sun or snow.

Comfort – Between training and proper games, your kids will be running around for a while – so pick up a boot that will keep up. Make sure its straps, usually laced and Velcroed, are secure and that there’s enough support for feet to develop and grow.