Lace-up Boots for Men

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Men’s lace-up boots

Across the autumn and winter months, men’s lace-up boots are a fast favourite for a multitude of reasons – even just for their looks, from the more fashion-conscious men. They don’t just keep feet cosy and warm. Their lacing also ensures an urban casual look, whether in smart or relaxed settings.

Finding your perfect men’s lace-up boots

Lace-up boots have caught up with low shoes and Chelsea boots in terms of sophistication and popularity, making them a preferred choice from workwear to alternative footwear for elegant outfits.

Things to consider when buying lace-up boots

Material – Different materials require different maintenance, so have a think about what you want and what you’re prepared to do for the upkeep. Whether textiles, leather, suede or synthetics, doing your research before buying may save you a bit of a headache later.


Fit – Support your style with a well-fitting pair of lace-up boots. As with all shoe purchases, it’s good practice to measure your feet before you buy and ensure the fit is snug (but not noticeably restrictive) with a little wiggle room for your toes. Likewise, you don’t want them to be loose enough to fly off your feet.


Length – Consider the length of your lace-up boots and what you’re using them for. For everyday wear, you can’t beat simple ankle boots. While knee-high boots are a great option for more strenuous and active activities.

Ways to style men’s lace-up boots

As striking when paired with chinos or blue jeans as they are with t-shirts, jumpers, button-down shirts and blazers, these versatile shoes can be dressed up or down to suit a number of different occasions.