Slippers for Men

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Men’s slippers

Everyone loves cosy feet. Men’s slippers should represent home, happiness and the ultimate in comfort. Whether you’ve been in stylish business shoes or in thick work boots, nothing beats slipping into soft slippers in the evening. Keep your feet snug and warm, especially against the draughty winter chill.


Finding your perfect men’s slippers

A turbulent everyday life demands a lot from your feet, so you’ll want to find slippers that help you relax. From picking the right material – both for breathability and staying perfectly warm – to the right sole for your feet, here are a few things to consider before adding to cart.

Things to consider when buying slippers

Care – You don’t want any unpleasant surprises when it comes to your slippers, so do try to keep them dry and wash them regularly to avoid any unpleasant odours.


Style – From novelty slippers and animal patterns to classic, extravagant, or cosy boots, there are dozens of slipper styles to suit your personal taste.


Material – What your men’s slippers are made from may affect their durability. For example, softer materials may result in buckling after a period of wear, while lined leather or suede are a sturdy option that should serve you for years to come.

Ways to style men’s slippers

We won’t recommend wearing them out to the shops, but you can’t go wrong pairing your favourite slippers with your cosiest pyjamas, or an oversized t-shirt with joggers for lazy mornings.