Sports Shoes for Men

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Running Shoes for men: the perfect running trainers

It's liberating and at the same time good for your own fitness: running. After a busy day, for many people there is hardly anything better than putting on your running shoes and getting rid of the stress. And so that you can get the most out of yourself, you need the right shoes. We will show you what makes good men's running shoes and what is important when buying them.

Why jogging shoes are necessary for men

There are different training shoes for every sport. This is simply due to the fact that we move differently with soccer, for example, than we do with tennis. Therefore, you need footwear that is suitable for running and that supports your foot. and thus your training is optimally supported. Good men's running shoes must be able to protect the feet and at the same time to cushion them. This not only protects your joints while running, but also makes your training even more effective.

What running shoes for men can do

In addition to optimal cushioning, stabilizing elements are integrated in a high-quality jogging shoe, which offer a firm hold and can compensate for possible misalignments of the feet. Running shoes for men are also designed somewhat differently than running shoes for women. Running shoes for men provide space for a wider and larger foot. and can also withstand a higher weight. You will also find the matching XXL models in our online shop. It also depends on how you run, i.e. what type of running you are. As a beginner, you need different running shoes than athletes who regularly run or take part in a marathon every now and then.

Men's running shoes: The running style is crucial

If you don't already know which running style category you belong to, you have several options for finding out. You can first ask an orthopedic surgeon which men's jogging shoes he would recommend that would suit your footing. Or you can do a little test and find out for yourself. To do this, stand on a sheet of paper with your feet wet or damp. The footprint that is left behind provides information about which training shoe is the best for you and your feet: If the inside of your foot does not leave an imprint, you will probably not have any supporting elements in yours need new men's running shoes. However, if you leave an imprint where the entire foot is can be seen, you could tend to overpronate while jogging. The feet tend to bend inwards, which should be compensated for by appropriate supports in the men's running shoe.

These running shoes for men are available

Stable shoes, neutral shoes, minimal shoes & ndash; It is easy to lose track of the different types of running shoes. And the large selection of running shoes from manufacturers such as NIKE, Asics, Puma and adidas doesn't exactly make it easier. We'll tell you when you should choose which version.

Stable shoes: running shoes for optimal support

Runners whose feet bend inward when running or whose legs are in an X-position should generally use stable shoes. This type of jogging shoe has corresponding stabilizers that can compensate for misalignments and buckling. In addition, these men's running shoes offer your feet exactly the support they need.

Neutral shoes as running shoes for men

Neutral shoes are basically all men's running shoes that do not have to meet any special requirements. Is your running style normal? Then this is where you should look for your future men's jogging shoes. Even if your foot tends to roll slightly outwards, a neutral running shoe is a perfect fit for you. In this category there are also special lightweight running shoes that are particularly suitable for competitions or training on the cinder track. They are designed in such a way that weight was saved during the conception by largely dispensing with support elements or more intensive damping.

Minimal shoes as running and everyday shoes

The so-called minimal shoes give the runner a feeling of running barefoot. Anyone who opts for these sports shoes usually wants to improve the muscles of the feet and lower legs or work on their own running style. If you are one of those runners who have already gained a lot of experience, we would be happy to recommend minimal shoes as a second shoe that can easily be worn in everyday life.

Running shoes for men: helpful tips for buying

As soon as you try on men's running shoes, you will quickly find out which shoe is right for you. A perfect men's running shoe does not restrict your feet in their freedom of movement and still offers sufficient stability and support. As with other shoes, there should be about a thumb's breadth at the front so that the toes still have some leeway when moving. Many runners therefore often use jogging shoes that are half or even a whole size larger than their conventional casual shoes. In contrast to the toes, the heels should have a firm hold in the shoe and should not slip out. In order to ensure a comfortable running feeling, you should also use special running socks that do not slip. You should lace your new running shoes for men so that they fit tightly, but not pinch. If you don't have the right sports outfit for your new running shoes, you should take a look at the DEICHMANN blog Shoelove. Here you will find regular news on the latest fashion trends, helpful beauty tips and current lifestyle stories!