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There's nothing like the thrill of going outdoors, braving the elements and completing a proper walk or hike through the unmistakably beautiful isles of the UK. We've got some of the best walking trails in Europe and it makes perfect sense to make sure you've kitted yourself out properly (we heard a story once about someone climbing Ben Nevis in flip flops for a dare and someone else who walked up the Black Mountains at Llyn y Fan Fach in plimsoles, not realising how tough it would be). No one wants to be the guy who signs up for the Three Peaks Challenge and doesn't buy the right shoes. Hello blisters.

Every walker is different and you'll have your own preferred type of sole, material and function for your walking shoes but we have everything you could possibly need; for example, these Landrover hiking trainers have incredible grip and stretch laces for maximum comfort on your hike. These Skechers Brown Hiking Boots have fantastic support for your ankles, a sturdy structure and go up to Size 12.

Should you buy hiking boots or walking shoes?

Going on a hike but keeping it relatively casual? Go for the walking shoes as you'll have the grip and coverage you need but less of the coverage you don't. Shorter walks and more lightweight hikes where you have to move quicker are where you'd invest in a good pair of walking trainers. These differ from normal trainers because they're designed specifically for long walks in all weathers. What we will say though is that you'd be better off with hiking boots or a high top walking trainer if you're in very cold temperatures. Call us on 01858 468546 if we can help you decide which shoes or boots to purchase.

Climbing Snowdon or Ben Nevis in January (you machine!)? Get a pair of hiking boots. We've got a range of hiking boots for men that are perfect for this kind of activity.

Walking Shoes/Boots Brands At Deichmann

If you're a big walker and like to get out on the trail, then check out the range of men's walking boots and hiking shoes we have in stock here at Deichmann. With brands in stock such as Landrover, Asics and Skechers, you know you're in safe hands. As well as being a well-known shoe retailer, Deichmann also has an extensive own brand range.