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Wax Spray

Wax Spray


Buy Shoe Polish, Shiner & Brushes

With our shoe polish and brushes, you can keep your shoes looking new for longer by protecting them from the unpredictable British weather. There is nothing quite like the thrill of getting a new pair of shoes, but don’t forget to include the right shoe polish, brush or shiner. Whether your new shoes are the starting point for an outfit or the finishing touch to your look, you can make them last a lot longer with the right care and accessories for your shoes, without spending a fortune. We stock a range of shoe polishes to help you select the right product for your shoes. Find black shoe polish to keep girls’ and boys’ school shoes and men’s formal shoes looking smart or try a shoe brush for removing surface dirt like dried mud, for example. Pick up a shoe shiner when you need to bring a polished pair back to full gleam – perfect for special occasions or when you really need to impress.

Sprays, shapers and insoles – everything else you need

Of course, caring for your new boots, shoes or heels isn’t just about using the correct shoe polish or shoe brush. There are plenty more accessories that help prolong the look and life of your footwear. We stock brown, white and neutral creams for leather protection and sprays for waterproofing suede and nubuck uppers - ideal for defending your new boots against winter weather. And if you do need to remove dirt or water marks, our cleaning foam will come to the rescue and can be used alongside your shoe shiner and polish. Caring for your shoes involves looking after the inners as well as the outers and part of that is about ensuring a snug fit for both comfort and to reduce wear by rubbing. We have a wide range of ergonomically-designed insoles, for kids and adults and for all sorts of needs; ultra-light, memory, gel and even lined for those colder months, as well as heel and toe pads. And finally, a pair of boot shapers can maintain the elegant form of those knee high boots for many years to come. So, when you’re adding your new pairs of shoes to your basket, don’t forget to add your shoe shiners, polishes and insoles to ensure they smart and comfortable all year round.