Get walking, hiking and trekking with our massive range of walking boots. From forest walks to mountainous treks, we've got you and the whole family covered. Choose (if you can) between iconic brands such as Landrover, Skechers and many more. Let's go!

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Walking boots from Deichmann UK

During the pandemic, we found ways to connect to the beautiful nature around us more than ever before. With bars and restaurants closed, people in the UK found a brand new love for the textured, varied and rugged landscape found across the length and breadth of the country. 2021 saw a massive increase in searches for equipment and clothing related to walking, hiking, climbing and general exercise and that industry has only continued to boom as the world has slowly gone back to a new "normal".

At Deichmann, we love the increased enthusiasm we have seen from our customers and have expanded our range of walking shoes to suit customers of all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Whether you're exploring the paths in your town, hiking through a forest or climbing one of the Brecon Beacons, we have the right pair of walking shoes or walking boots for you.

Walking shoes at Deichmann

Firstly, we have a great selection of brands that are well-known for their quality and excellence on the walking scene and these include Landrover, Graceland and Cortina. Prefer a high top walking boot? We've got plenty of varieties for you and cover men, women and children so you can kit out the whole family for your next big walk (or little walk, we're not judging and every little walk makes a difference).

Walking shoes or walking boots?

It's important to get the right walking shoes for your activity; for example, if you are climbing Ben Nevis in September, you're going to want some hard duty walking boots that'll help support your ankles through the various gnarly rocky bits you will definitely encounter. These Ladies Landrover Waterproof Hiking Boots will see you through the roughest terrain.

If you're doing a more casual walk/light hike but want your feet to be protected, these Mens Lace Up Casual Trainers are the perfect trekking shoes for you.

Whether you're mountain climbing or hiking up and down hills, you need walking boots/shoes that do the job without giving you burns or blisters or soggy feet. Nothing derails a hike more than unsuitable shoes or boots that hurt your feet.

You should barely notice the shoes you're wearing when you're out on the trail. With this in mind, some of our walking shoes come with DEItex technology in place which makes them comfortable, durable, breathable and, most importantly, totally waterproof. Stay comfortable across the entire trek and get the very most out of your adventure with DEItex.