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Online Exclusive

Sandals for women: Feminine grace on sunny days

They are comfortable, elegant and summery eye-catchers: sandals for women. As feminine shoes, they are especially popular on warm days. The air-permeable designs let the foot breathe and take comfort to a whole new level. This even works on heels: wedge, platform or stiletto heels - women always look good in sandals. Especially as high heels, they are a real eye-catcher. That is why sandals are just as ideal for leisure as they are for the office or evening event. You will discover a wide variety of models with us: from the shaft sandal to the playful strappy model. Do you want to experience the extraordinary in your new sandals? Then our online exclusive articles are exactly right & ndash; they are only available online from us. I promise.

A summer love: sandals go with every style

Are sandals too simple for you? It gets more feminine and extravagant with women's sandals. They impress with all the features that sandals have, but are even more elegant. This is also appreciated by the celebrities who wear flat and high heeled sandals in their free time and on the red carpet. Whether Jennifer Lawrence, Penelope Cruz or Emma Stone & ndash; Women of all ages cut a fine figure in sandals. Not everyone needs stiletto heels and stilettos, because flat sandals are also trendy. The stars also have an unusual trick up their sleeves: They often wear high heeled sandals a size too big. The reason: This is to prevent them from blistering. Our recommendation: Simply order our comfortable sandals & ndash; in these shoes your feet will always walk like on clouds.

Comfort and elegance: platform sandals for women

Those who set themselves high goals are welcome to wear high heels. Platform sandals are a real insider tip: They not only have a high heel, but also a thicker sole under the front shoe. This makes women who wear platform sandals taller overall. However, because the difference between forefoot and heel not so big because of the thicker sole is, the foot is significantly less burdened. You can feel that with every step. But sandals with platform heels are not only convincing in terms of comfort & ndash; the feminine seducers also look stylish and go with every wardrobe.

Up, up, high heels: sandals for women who want to get to the top

They give an elegant walk and conjure up incredibly long legs: high heels are the epitome of femininity and are part of the basic equipment in every wardrobe. At DEICHMANN women will find a large selection of sandals as high heels. You can choose between stilettos with a narrow stiletto heel and high heels with a block heel, wedge heel or platform heel. Actually, the look you want to wear doesn't matter, because high heels go with every outfit. For example, the currently very popular block heels look extremely casual and a bit rough. They look good with jeans, but are also a stylish contrast to a light summer dress. Finer stilettos always look elegant and are the slightly finer variant on the foot. It's best to get sandals with different types of heels and combine them with different outfits for unique looks. By the way: One speaks of high heels only from a heel height of more than 8 centimeters.

Optimal hold: Wedge sandals with sophisticated details

Wedge sandals offer women everything they are looking for: exciting designs, playful looks, casual styles, but above all maximum security. In contrast to stiletto heels and the like, thanks to the wedge heel you enjoy a continuous sole that reliably prevents you from slipping on your new sandals, kinking or even getting stuck with your heel. So your wedge sandals become a comfortable companion in all situations. In addition, wedge sandals go perfectly with the current boho trend: Flying maxi dresses, wrap skirts or colorfully printed fluttering trousers are the perfect combination partners.

Sweet seduction: strappy sandals ensure the highest degree of grace

Strappy sandals are popular with fashion-conscious women of all ages. Whether extremely delicate straps or wider leather straps - Strappy sandals enchant with their feminine charm. With us you can order eye-catching strappy sandals with a glamor look in gold and silver or decorated with exciting rhinestones. In addition, you will also find comfortable strappy sandals in ethno style with natural materials and a cuddly footbed. Whether flat sole or block heel, whether in leisure time or at a gala - Strappy sandals are always an eye-catcher. Tip: To avoid the risk of blisters, you should always try on sandals in the afternoon or evening. Feet swell a little during the day & ndash; With an evening try-on, you can be sure that your new sandals are adjusted to it.

Elegant and exciting: shaft sandals with that certain something

The secret of a successful seduction is to suggest things and arouse fantasies. You can do this particularly easily with our shaft sandals. In contrast to strappy sandals, which tend to be somewhat exposed, the instep of the women's foot is (almost) completely covered in shaft sandals. The toe, on the other hand, is usually open and there are also recesses on the heel. An optimal air circulation on hot days is therefore guaranteed at all times. In addition, shaft sandals offer more support. Combination tip satisfied? Shaft sandals need a lot of space to look their best. Jeans or chinos hid the exciting designs of the shoes. The same goes for maxi dresses and long skirts. Instead, try a knee-length skirt, shorts or miniskirt & ndash; so you are guaranteed to attract everyone's attention in your new sandals. Sandals are elegant all-rounders for women that simply always fit in the warm season. Whether playful with small bows and rhinestones or more comfortable as comfortable flats & ndash; you decide what you like. And if you can't decide, just buy two pairs of new heeled sandals. Thanks to our low prices, this is no problem even if you are over-sized. Do you want to know how to best combine sandals this year? Our DEICHMANN blog Shoelove has the latest trends ready for you.