Flip Flops for Women

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Women’s flip flops

Flip flops, or toe post sandals, are the perfect business-to-barbeque shoe. Simply made for long, lazy summer days, these airy, light shoes ensure your feet can breathe easily in the warmer months and come in a number of different styles in our Deichmann online shop. And because our flip flops are so reasonably priced, you can buy two or three models to be ready for any occasion for the upcoming summer season

Finding your perfect flip flops

With their ingeniously simple construction, finding your perfect flip flops is easy. Consisting of only a sole and a strap, the bar sits between the big and second big toe, forming the main stabiliser of its design. Not only are these secure, they’re also very convenient, allowing you to slip your feet in and out with ease and keep them nice and cool on hot days.


Things to consider when buying flip flops

Style – Although flip flops all have a similar design, their styles vary from material used to colour. From black studs and gems, to simple leather straps, these versatile shoes come in a variety of different options at a reasonable price, making them perfect for mixing and matching to suit youroutfits.


Material – Flip flops may have a simple shape, but their overall comfort and longevity can vary depending on what they’re made from. For the sole, choose from plastic, cork, leather or wood. For the straps, leather offers an elegant look, while plastic or canvas straps are ideal for holiday and beach wear when shoes are likely to get wet.


Footbed – Whether you prefer to wear flip flops with or without a footbed depends on a few different factors. Used to strengthen and relieve your arches, footbeds are great for ensuring your feet get tired more slowly. On the other hand, if your feet are longer or wider than the norm, a standardised footbed can be uncomfortable to walk on, so make sure it’s nice and soft if you do use one.

Ways to style women’s flip flops

Looking to experiment with your style this summer? Flip flops are the ideal shoe to suit your needs. As gorgeous with Bermudas and shorts as they are with skinny jeans, maxi dresses and chinos, they’re as at home out to brunch as they are at a festival. As for evening wear, flip flops are great for everything from dinner and drinks with friends to a beach-side barbeque. Just pick a flashier pair with rhinestones or rivets in gold or silver for that extra sparkle.