Leather sandals

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Women’s and men’s leather sandals

Durable, comfortable and breathable, leather sandals offer timeless appeal and versatile styling. Give anyoutfita summery flair, whether you’re dancing at a festival or lying on a beach, with our excellent Deichmann range.

Finding your perfectleather sandals

With so many fantastic choices available, finding your perfect pair of leather sandals may feel like an exhausting task – but there’s plenty to think about when picking out the right pair.

Things to think about when buying leather sandals

Durability – What type of leather are the straps made from? If you want your sandals to last more than one season, look for a good quality leather. Likewise are the soles glued on or stitched on? A stitched sole will survive more wear and tear.

Fit – Fit should be a big consideration for all shoes, but especially with sandals. You don’t want the straps to be too tight or too loose, and you want your foot to fit comfortably within the soles to avoid any overhang from your heel or toes.

Style – From twin strap and flats to chunky heels and espadrilles, there’s no shortage of style choices when it comes to sandals. Just consider what you need them to do. Are you planning on a hike? Know your feet will get wet? Find the right sandals to meet your function.

How to style leather sandals

For casual, sunny days, some linen shorts or a flowing midi skirt and crisp, white shirt is the way to go. For smarter events, pair them up with chinos or a colourful dress. From shorts to skinny jeans, maxi dresses to miniskirts, swimwear to eveningwear, leather sandals are so versatile there’s really nothing you couldn’t pair them with.