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Buy Accessories & Shoe Care at Deichmann

All too often the concentration when buying shoes is on the footwear itself, and quite rightly, as that is the main focus point. But, did you know that you can prolong the life of your footwear easily and affordably? Our range of expert shoe care is designed with these factors in mind, and we have a wide range of different products, all unique in their offering of protecting footwear from day-to-day wear and tear, and weather related incidents.
If you are buying shoes that are made from materials like nubuck, suede and leather, we have a range of sprays that will repel any excess damp or moisture that may discolour the footwear. We also sell sprays and shines that lock in colour and moisture, and are perfect for leather, both matte and patent. For extra shoe care, we recommend storing your shoes in dry places and shoe trees or boot shapers are ideal for maintaining the shape and structure of the shoe.

Shoe Care Helps to Protect Shoes Against Damage

We also sell a range of ergonomically designed insoles, made from a variety of fabrics like leather and lambswool, all created with the wearer in mind. An insole can wick away any excess moisture without damaging the inside of the shoe, and they can provide extra comfort too.
If you need any more information at all about our range of accessories and shoe care, then feel free to contact our friendly customer service department who are always happy to help. They can be reached on 01858 468 546 every Monday-Friday.