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Girls’ and boys’ Hype Backpacks & Bags at Deichmann

Discover the brand new range of boys’ and girls’ Hype backpacks and bags at Deichmann. These unisex bags are designed to handle the busiest of days with capacity to carry everything for a full day at school, at college or just out and about. Suitable for a wide range of ages, girls’ and boys’ Hype backpacks are constructed from modern, lightweight materials and are built to last. Fully-lined, they feature multiple compartments with wide-opening zips, making it quick and easy to stash and find your stuff. Hype bags draw inspiration from street artist graphic styles, using bold colours, striking imagery and mash-up combinations to inject some pzazz into your look. These bang-on-trend designs let you stand out from the crowd, top off your outfit or even create a clash to make an impression; whatever your style, our girls’ and boys’ Hype backpacks and rucksacks complete the look on any day.

Girls’ and Boys’ Hype bags; quality, style and functionality

Our girls’ and boys’ Hype bags represent excellent value for money; a stylish accessory at an affordable price. Complementing the ground-breaking designs, co-ordinated adjustable shoulder straps always ensure a comfortable fit, zip tethers mean smooth opening and closing and a strong grab handle on top makes for a speedy getaway when needed! Lastly, as a finishing touch, every Hype backpack proudly displays the distinctive Hype crest as a stamp of quality and style. Hype bags are designed for contemporary lifestyles, providing flexibility and versatility with plenty of space for all the essentials and room for so much more. Take a look at our boys’ and girls’ Hype bags range, which is constantly expanding with new designs arriving all the time, so check back regularly for the latest styles and looks. Check out our range of girls’ school shoes and boys’ school shoes to complete your look.