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Landrover Boots & Shoes

Walking shoes and hiking boots need to be comfortable, durable and strong enough so that you can walk, climb and hike to your heart's content. It's so important to buy the right shoes for the activity you are doing so that you can get everything you can out of it! Looking for that perfect pair of shoes with all of that in mind? You're very much in luck with our extensive range of walking shoes and boots from Landrover.

Landrover is a brand synonymous with getting outdoors and indulging your passion for adventure and that makes them the perfect partners for Deichmann. We're proud to stock their entire range of walking shoes for men, women and children.

What Landrover Shoes Do You Need?

Good question. If you're undertaking a challenge for the first time or just starting to get into walking and hiking then it's not always clear where to start; for example, do you need boots or trainers? Does your purchase need to be waterproof? Is there a certain thickness of sole required for the perfect walk?

We're happy to provide any and all information you need about which shoes to buy and have a lovely customer team waiting for your call. You can reach them on 01858 468546. In the meantime, there's a way to tell which shoes you need at the top level: if you're climbing or know you're going to walking over lots of rocks, then your footwear needs to be sturdy and supportive. No one wants to roll an ankle halfway up Snowden!

If you're climbing Snowdon or walking through other harsh conditions where you're expected to scramble over rocks/sharp stones and the terrain may be uneven, invest in a pair of these Ladies Casual Hiking Boots or these Mens Hiking Boots. Trekking and hiking are two different things, trekking usually taking place over a number of days and hiking usually being from one fixed point to another over the course of a shorter time; however, the two may converge and, thus, you'll need to ensure you've got your toughest boots on.

You can wear walking shoes for lighter trekking and hiking where the ground is likely to be less sharp or uneven. Landrover walking shoes are also excellent for walks in the hotter weather as they're designed to keep your feet cool but protected all along the trail.

Browse our Landrover walking shoes and hiking boots for men and women today.