Heeled Loafers for Women

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Wearing heels shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience; quite the opposite. Heeled loafers offer that perfect point between looking great and feeling great that ticks all the boxes. Boost height, boost confidence and boost up your style game by choosing just the right pair for youroutfit.


Finding your perfect heeled loafers

A little slice of the 90s, your perfect heeled loafers depends entirely on your personal tastes – though, a pair of black leather ones will see you through mostly everyoutfitand occasion. Before you commit to the pair that’ve caught your eye, here’s a few things to consider.


Things to think about when buying heeled loafers

Material – Heeled loafers are usually made from leather and can come in different colours. For long-term wear that can stand the tests of time, choose loafers made from the best quality leather and have a proper idea of how to maintain and keep them in top condition.


Comfort – Comfort should be first and foremost on your list of things to consider. No one wants blisters or sore feet, so be sure to check the fit, breathability and material before you buy. And be sure to check the heel height and whether it’s practical for the way you want to wear it.


Fit – As a narrower shoe, it’s best to size up if you’re between sizes, but the way the loafer feels on your foot should sell you. Be sure to measure your foot for an accurate fit and then choose a size that sits snug enough not to fall off, but not too snugly.


How to style heeled loafers

Chunky and bold, heeled loafers are the ultimate in 90s fashion and fit perfectly into the chillier seasons. Best styled with chunky knits and jeans, a sleek dress and matching blazer, a long wool coat, a matching co-ord suit, a plain or patterned shirt dress, and so much more.