Junior School Shoes

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Junior school shoes

With a range of brands at Deichmann, why settle for second best when it comes to junior school shoes? At this critical point of growth and development, your child’s first big steps into the world of education deserve the perfect blend of durability, comfort and style.


Finding the perfect junior school shoes

Every parent wants their little ones to feel confident and comfortable at school. Although they’ll be busy starting their school experience, you want to choose a pair of shoes that can keep up both in and out of the classroom – from running around the playground to skipping back home.


Things to consider when buying school shoes

Price – If there’s one thing you can guarantee with your child, it’s that they’ll grow before you know it. When little feet turn into not-so-little feet so quickly, the last thing you want to do is spend lots on a pair of shoes they might outgrow within the year. That’s why with Deichmann you can find a large selection from some of the biggest brands, all at reasonable prices.


Comfort – Keep your child’s feet happy throughout the day by making sure they’re comfortable. With proper support and cushioned insoles, as well as having soft, breathable material, make school days more enjoyable with shoes your toddler will love.


Fit – At this age it’s so important to get the right size shoes, so make sure they fit correctly. Measure their feet either at home or at one of our stores – the latter of which gives you the added bonus of being able to try shoes on there and then. Make sure the fit is secure, but not too tight. You don’t want them to fly off in a play session or cause them any discomfort.